Great entertainment will allow your guests to fully enjoy what you have spent so much time and effort planning. Our goal is to keep your guests wanting more and our competition wondering how did they do that.


Selecting the perfect entertainment for your event is an essential part of your event’s success. With this in mind our professional and energetic staff know just what to do. We will discus your needs and present the look and music that best suits you and your guests.

Requests are always welcome and the volume is your call too. With literally thousands of your favorite songs at our fingertips all you have to do is ask. We play only the best radio friendly versions of each song. From your childhood favorites to the hottest tracks of today.

We will mix them into a musical masterpiece that will have you and your guests dancing!


Karaoke is a great way to entertain a few friends or a few hundred. Our selection of songs is huge. You don’t have to be a great singer to have a great time with your friends. Our energetic hosts will even sing a few for you if you need a little encouragement. Once you get started you will find it is very hard to stop. You can add a system to any of our already great packages or choose karaoke as a fun stand-alone solution.


We have all of your favorite music videos from the hottest chart toppers to the great throwbacks from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. We offer many packages with huge video screens and projectors, or maybe our 60″ LCD monitors are a better solution. Our cameras pan the crowd for that perfect live shot. Our candid photo snap shots are a great way to pause the action and let you see what happens when the fun, really gets going! You also get a copy of all of the photos that we take of your event at no extra charge.

Our talented staff can blend the perfect mix of music and video for any event. Our expert technicians can even create a special one of a kind photo montage from your favorite photos. Let us show you how music and video can really change the look and feel of any event space.

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