Boogie Heads

Boogie Heads Featured on CNBC

Boogie Heads is suitable for all audiences and produces an instant music video… and laughter on the spot. Using state-of-the-art “chroma-key” (green screen) technology, guests choose from over 100 different videos (using 40 popular songs) and can see their video as they participate. You don’t have to sing or even know the song — just bounce your head!

Meanwhile, other guests watch on a big screen monitor as it happens. Many people want to try it next, everyone is laughing hysterically — you have a hit at your event.


Take your next event to a new and exciting level!

Drive Traffic To Your Promotional Booth

Charge Up Your…
Conference or Banquet
Meet and Greets
Happy Hour
Birthday Parties


More than Karaoke… Better than lip-syncing…

Just pick a song and move your head! It’s That Easy!!

Our new concept is the hit at events everywhere!!

Entertaining guests at functions by putting their heads in a live music video on top of professional dancer’s bodies!

Boogies Heads 
Any type of event

  • Birthday Parties
    Everyone wants something better than last year!
  • Corporate Parties
    Include your brand or logo so your clients and guests will talk up your event.
  • Promotional Events
    Boogie Heads draws crowds that will remember everything.
  • Trade Shows/Expos
    Draw more traffic to your booth or exhibit by generating fun and excitment, for everyone!
  • Fundraisers
    Unique ideas cause people to reach deeper.